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Plant-Powered for Life, Eat Your Way to Lasting Health with 52 Simple Steps and 125 Delicious Recipes (The Experiment, 2014). In stores now.

Plant-Powered for Life is a cookbook-slash-handbook to help anybody make plant-powered eating a habit and enjoy lasting, vibrant health—the fun way! In Plant-Powered for Life, Sharon presents a straightforward, delicious way to meet the challenge. She urges readers to set a personal goal and take one step closer to it every week. Each chapter—from “Aim for at least 6 servings of veggies” to “Give sprouted grains a try”—includes a call to action, a clear, concise explanation, and two to three globally inspired recipes, which cover every meal, course, and season. With this guide, anyone can forge new habits, cook great food, and enjoy a healthy plant-powered life—one tasty step at a time. 

Plant-Powered For Life

Breaking News: Plant-Powered for Life has been selected as a finalist in the prestigious Books for a Better Life Award. Meredith Vieira will host the awards ceremony held in Times Center, New York on Monday, March 23.

Reviews on Plant-Powered for Life

“In Plant-Powered for Life, Sharon Palmer transforms the science of nutrition into an absolutely delightful culinary adventure. The fabulous recipes are inspired by traditions from around the world, and a clear understanding of food and health. This book is truly exceptional—from beginning to end, it is beautifully and brilliantly crafted.”
—Brenda Davis, RD, coauthor of Becoming Vegan

“Nutrition science and sustainability are complex issues. Sharon has done a masterful job of simplifying the science with 52 recommendations that give the reader clear guidance on making choices that are good for personal health as well as the health of our planet. Her culinary talent shines through with 125 recipes inspired by plant-based cuisines and cultures from around the world. Reading this book will enhance your understanding of the science; cooking from this book will make shopping for, preparing, and cooking amazing meals satisfying and fun!”

—Amy Myrdal Miller, MS, RDN, Senior Director of Programs and Culinary Nutrition, The Culinary Institute of America

“Making healthy eating practical, realistic, and delicious—that’s what Sharon Palmer is known for. Her tips for improving dietary choices are simple but powerful, and her recipes—inspired by the world’s most appealing cuisines—will show you how to eat for good health while enjoying some of the best meals you’ve ever tasted.”
—Virginia Messina, MPH, RD, coauthor of Vegan for Life, Vegan for Her, and Never Too Late to Go Vegan

“As you heed Sharon Palmer’s advice to fall in love with plants, you will no doubt fall in love with Sharon’s newest book. The pages of Plant-Powered for Life are filled with great tips and easy-to-follow, delicious-looking recipes that also happen to be incredibly healthy.”
—Sara Baer-Sinnott, President, Oldways

Plant-Powered for Life will give people a new appreciation for the dazzling and delicious variety plant foods offer. Sharon’s 52 simple steps and 125 recipes will help eaters of all persuasions, from carnivores to vegans, make plant-based meals fun and exciting.”
—Peggy Neu, President, The Monday Campaigns

“Sharon has done it again! Enjoy this brilliantly written book filled with easy-to-prepare recipes that are sure to delight the palate of those new to plant-based cuisine.”
—John Pierre, author of The Pillars of Health: Your Foundations for Lifelong Wellness, www.johnpierre.com

“With the release of her new book, Plant-Powered For Life, Palmer continues the conversation she started with The Plant-Powered Diet and brings her whole food, plant-based philosophy into the kitchen.”
—Meatless Monday
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“Be prepared to fall in love with plants and embrace a healthy, plant-based diet as the author of Plant-Powered for Life, Sharon Palmer, RDN will be in our Family Food Experts Kitchen to share her just-released cookbook. By the end of this show you will be eating your way to lasting health using Sharon’s 52 simple steps and over one hundred delicious recipes.”
—Family Food Experts
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“My husband and I have been wanting to incorporate more veggies into our diet and this is an excellent book to help with that. Highly recommended.”
—Caylina, GoodReads.com
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Plant-Powered for Life is a health and recipe book in one, but it’s not your typical health or recipe book. Most books on vegan health are full of scientific facts and (some might say) rather boring data, with recipes tucked in at the back of the book. And there are those vegan cookbooks with that have nutritional tips sprinkled through their pages, but the facts are usually overshadowed by the food. In Plant-Powered for Life, nutrition and food find balance.”
—Dianne Wenz, ChicVegan.com
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Plant-Powered for Life reads like a refresher course on what we all should be doing.”
—Bianca Phillips, Vegan Crunk

“This book is NOT about becoming a vegetarian or vegan but rather about incorporating more plants into your diet whatever that may be. The aim is simple: to show how anyone, from meat-loving omnivore to junk-food vegan, can benefit by making room in their diet for more whole plant foods.”
—Lindsay Ingalls, RunningWithTongs.com
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“Very excited about this book! I like the way it's set up, the chapters focus on different aspects of the plant based diet.”
—Audrey, GoodReads.com
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Sharon’s book Plant-Powered for Life was the theme for Utah State University’s Food Day celebrations this year.
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The Plant-Powered Diet: The Lifelong Eating Plan for Achieving Optimal Health, Beginning Today (The Experiment, 2012)

Learn how to power up on a wide array of whole plant foods, whether you're an omnivore, vegetarian or vegan. With 75 plant-based recipes, and a 14-day plan for getting started.

Hundreds of studies lead to this one conclusion: The healthiest diet on the planet is a plant-based diet. Now, for everyone from omnivores who want to cut back on the meat and eat more vegetables, to vegans looking to benefit even more from the healthiest plant foods, The Powerful Plants Diet meets all readers wherever they are.

An authoritative 14-day program for organizing one's daily diet around health-promoting, plant-based foods, it explains the dramatic benefits of eating more plants, provides an all-in-one guide to re-engineering one's diet, day by day, and culminates with 75 original recipes, for every meal-all with complete nutritional data.

The Plant-Powered Diet

Success Story
Vincent found success eating a Plant-Powered Diet. To read his whole story and see how The Plant-Powered Diet transformed his health and life for the better, click here.

Reviews on the Plant-Powered Diet
Today's Dietitian reviews The Plant-Powered Diet, "I highly recommend this book for all nutrition professionals and their clients as a must-have resource on their bookshelf."
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The Plant-Powered Diet named one of best diet books of the year by Lifescript!
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"The Plant-Powered Diet is not a weight loss diet book. The author doesn't promise that you'll be ten pounds slimmer by the weekend or make outrageous claims about curing headaches or diabetes. This is a lifestyle book. This is a book about how to live a healthier life by making progressively more changes until you’ve reached a comfortable place,"
—Sharon Salomon, Pen and Fork
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"In the excellent new book "The Plant-Powered Diet," registered dietitian Sharon Palmer shows it doesn't have to be that complicated. If people consume a wide variety of different foods throughout the day -- particularly those with a high protein content to begin with -- they can do away with worrying about food pairings."
—Grant Butler, The Oregonian
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"If you’re thinking of cutting out—or simply cutting back—on animal-based protein, "The Plant Powered Diet" is the right book to help you along the way,”
—Heidi McIndoo, Environmental Nutrition
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"The Plant-Powered Diet encourages readers to shift towards vegetable-focused meals by putting produce at center of their plate. Palmer shares a wealth of information about the benefits of whole grains, healthy fats, balanced nutrition, and seasoning with herbs and spices. She also debunks many common myths, asserting that it’s possible to get healthy food on the road and adequate protein from meatless meals,"
—Meatless Monday
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